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PRAISE-HK School Talk

september 2019

PRAISE-HK School TalkYear Around Event (2019) School Event Organized By: Institute for the Environment, HKUST Events by Interest:Engineering,Science,TechnologyEvents by Audience:Primary Students,Secondary StudentsEvent Capacity:Open,School Registration OnlyEvent Types:Talk / Seminar


Year Around Event (2019)




Institute for the Environment, HKUST

Event Details

For public to be fully aware of the impact of air pollution on human health, PRAISE-HK has been delivering school talks, workshops and lab visits to broaden students’ social awareness on air quality issues. Please click HERE for details of the programs

Medium of Instruction

Cantonese or English

Registration Schedule

Open All Year Around. Register upon request

Contact Details

Email: /

Additional Information

  • Available period: School days – Monday to Friday within school hours
  • Duration: About 45 minutes per session (excluding students’ seating time)
  • Venue: School hall / Activity room with audio & projection equipment
  • Capacity: 100 students or above per session